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I am a married baby boomer, mother of 3 boys with an interest in all things fun, creative and challenging! As a young girl, I was always moving furniture around and trying to make things 'pretty' so I suppose its no surprise that I attained a degree in Architectural Design and later started my own business. My husband and I raised our family in Colorado and were fortunate to travel the world, but once the empty nest came, we took a gamble, sold our home and moved to NYC! It was a 3 year adventure of a lifetime. Stay tuned as I take on the challenge of bringing my love for Colorado, the excitement of NYC and the beauty of the beach together to create our dream home in Florida's premier surfing town, New Smyrna Beach.

Let’s update your traditional style!

It’s springtime and we are all happily (or not!) cleaning out closets, getting rid of the old, bringing in new and maybe taking a look at our homes with a critical eye. The eyes that say, “man, this place needs a revamp!  It needs new life!” It is SPRING after-all, Easter came and went and [...]

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The beautiful tile work of Portugal!!

Do you love old, antique tile as much as I do???? We were so lucky to visit Lisbon during the season of the flowering Jacaranda trees!  But notice the beautiful exterior tiles on this apartment building;  I could not only live in the building but love looking out the window too!   Well [...]

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Design Inspiration is all around us

  You need inspiration in some form to motivate and excite you, so that you have a reason to take action. (that profound statement says it all, doesn't it?…and that photo makes me really want a glass of Chianti!....in Italy of course.) Inspiration comes in many forms;  spring tulips, a textural pattern on a pillow, an [...]

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“The divine law of the ugly chair”

This article is by Danielle Porter (and worthy of another look!)   What does bad home decor have to do with reaching your full potential? Thought you'd never ask. Imagine an ugly chair -- in your own living room. And in walks an angelic and hip interior designer who's on a mission to help [...]

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THE BACK STORY; leaving Colorful Colorado

So we sell our beautiful home on a lake with an incredible view of the foothills in Ft. Collins, Colorado because we want to experience living in Manhattan. Family and friends had varying opinions….  "OH, I wish I could do that, I love NYC " , I"m jealous and so happy for you" ...…to "all that [...]

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