Let’s update your traditional style!

It’s springtime and we are all happily (or not!) cleaning out closets, getting rid of the old, bringing in new and maybe taking a look at our homes with a critical eye. The eyes that say, “man, this place needs a revamp!  It needs new life!” It is SPRING after-all, Easter came and went and [...]

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The beautiful tile work of Portugal!!

Do you love old, antique tile as much as I do???? We were so lucky to visit Lisbon during the season of the flowering Jacaranda trees!  But notice the beautiful exterior tiles on this apartment building;  I could not only live in the building but love looking out the window too!   Well [...]

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THE BACK STORY; leaving Colorful Colorado

So we sell our beautiful home on a lake with an incredible view of the foothills in Ft. Collins, Colorado because we want to experience living in Manhattan. Family and friends had varying opinions….  "OH, I wish I could do that, I love NYC " , I"m jealous and so happy for you" ...…to "all that [...]

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