A happy homeowner and her modern kitchen can finally get back to entertaining in style!

This was a house that lost its roof during the last Florida hurricane! (kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!)

It was an old metal roof that rolled, twisted and flew up in the neighbors’ trees….and the poor homeowners’ standing inside a ‘raining’ house! It’s been a challenge for them, however, some great renovations have brought this home back to life.


And here’s the kitchen AFTER

I love it when clients are willing to step out of their comfort zone, put a little (a lot….) faith in their designer but also learn and enjoy the process along the way.  I had the BEST clients ever!

Removing the original brick wall (to make room for a huge island) and insulating and covering the exposed rafters was a big first step to modernizing this great room/kitchen.  Then painting it white to start the transformation from dark and dreary to light and bright!

When many of the design finishes are white, it’s important to add the extra ZING someplace.  This iridescent glass tile backsplash does the trick!  It was a big expense for the homeowners but as I explained it to them….” this is something you will look at every day and LOVE”.  It will make your heart melt on a Sunday morning when you are just making pancakes. It’s beautiful any time day or night, but when the morning sun hits it for a short time that glimmer is just gorgeous.

Using the bronze finish for hardware and light fixtures added contrast to so much white and created some needed balance from the other side of the room, that featured quite a lot of brown furniture and accents.  (It became an inside joke when I winked ‘no more brown’ stuff, ok?)

I had suggested aqua/blue counter stools and my clients came through with flying colors!

It is now a clean, modern and bright kitchen/great room ready for enjoying friends, family and most of all cooking!


BENJAMIN MOORE #967 CLOUD WHITE (trim, base,ceiling paneling)


How about one more BEFORE!!

I like it much better AFTER!! How about you?

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