You hear the words E Design, or Virtual Design or Online Design and I see some inquisitive minds! And what does the E stand for?  that would be “Electronic”.  OK, I get it, but how does it work?

E DESIGN is interior design communicated through the internet….

We buy everything else on the internet and now a professional design service that used to be reserved for the affluent is possible for anyone looking to ‘beautify’ their homes!

So what better way to explain E DESIGN than to show you an example of an E Design project I recently finished and the process involved.

Design Board (includes furniture, accessory items, paint color brand/name and finish suggestions)

This design package was the Signature Room Makeover Design; it includes a Floorplan and Shopping List (clients are asked to measure the room-good instruction on doing this.)

My clients first filled out a questionnaire, so I had a good idea what their needs, tastes, style preferences were (descriptive options will help you), their budget and a list of items they need to purchase.

We jump on a video or phone call so I can get to know you and if I can see the space, even better! (but it’s optional)

Clients can also download photos they love as inspiration, a Pinterest account if they have one(suggested) and include more details I need to consider before I get to work on the Design Plan. (I help and guide you along the way, no worries!)


A good Floorplan shows you exactly where to put everything.  We work together through a user friendly design platform; it’s easy and you don’t have to be a tech wizard I promise. You can see the proposed concept board, leave feedback and I revise it to your needs.

THE SHOPPING LIST:    click + purchase at your leisure.  It’s yours to keep along with the Final Design Board, Floorplan and additional instructions!

So next time you are ‘out and about’ and someone mentions E DESIGN…………..you’re in the know!

Dream.       Design.       Done!     

 E Design Packages

$399/room  Signature Room Makeover Design package

$249/room    “I just need Finishing Touches”

$199/room     Concept Board ONLY

Customization of any package is always possible!


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