You need inspiration in some form to motivate and excite you, so that you have a reason to take action.

(that profound statement says it all, doesn’t it?…and that photo makes me really want a glass of Chianti!….in Italy of course.)

Inspiration comes in many forms;  spring tulips, a textural pattern on a pillow, an incredible statue overlooking the beautiful city of Florence and if it moves you in some way, you are on to something.  Many times I have no idea WHY I love something, I just do but in the end its pretty simple, it’s because  ………..drum roll please…….it makes me HAPPY!  ( and that’s a good enough reason in my mind)

fresh and yummy

Fresh and pretty from the farm

Collecting inspiration is the fun and necessary part of designing and building a house so start with things that make you happy, super happy and if possible relative to your project. Don’t over think this;  just collect even if you know nothing more than you like it…or LOVE IT!  The rest will follow!

inviting and cozy

inviting and cozy

For a custom home or remodel,  this process should start before you even hire an architect or in some cases, drag out the hammer yourself.  Searching the web is a no-brainer and full of more information than you could possible take in, but look to NATURE, vacation photos on your Iphone, a walk around your neighborhood, magazines, TV shows (and especially are sources for finding inspiration and ideas.  It should help you develop a direction and perhaps a style that can turn into a focused vision.

If “finding your vision”  makes you scratch your head don’t worry you aren’t alone!  You may need to hire a pro to assist with this part but it’s very important!  (PS…don’t give up and live uninspired, when you know you want something better!

It is worth it in the end, it’s your HOME after all….


Pretty home in Key West

Most likely if you are redoing a room or remodeling, you have limitations in place that help narrow the focus and there is nothing wrong with that.  It’s easier to stay the course and not change your mind every time you see something you might like better (yes….I’m definitely guilty of that)…………….been to Homegoods lately?

A new build however can be more tricky; there are so many decisions to make and you want your vision, whatever that is, to be clear so you can move forward in a productive manner.

Next comes using a critical eye to edit what you love.  In many cases, it will be hard to find the harmony among all this stuff you collected; just ask yourself lots of questions.  If you can’t see it, a professional will see it for you.  Remember, I wasn’t born to be a math professor and you might not be a natural designer, so consider a few hours of professional interior design help if your budget will allow.


I really love all kinds of design styles from New York loft to California modern and of course, Colorado bungalow, so how do you narrow the focus?  When we made the decision to build a key west inspired house,  it closed the door on other options and created a more narrow focus.  It simplifies the plethora of decisions to follow.

I thought I would share some INSPIRATION PHOTOS I collected prior to building and during the building stage as well.    I love different things about each photograph and some of these ideas/colors were translated into our finished home.

You might not see a clear vision above, but what’s developing is a love of contemporary design as well as lived in and aged detailing, classic and colorful simplicity and casual living.  There are many, many more photos in my inspiration gallery and I will still refer to them as I continue to work on our home.

What’s in your design inspiration folder?