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I bring approachable design advice, experience and personal attention to all my clients and their projects!

Color and Design Consultations for local clients

 You want to move forward with a design you can LOVE but…..

  • You are moving into a new place, downsizing, joining 2 households and desperately unsure where to start.
  • “I’ve got company coming to stay and want to make a better impression than what I have now!”
  • Ready for an upgrade but not sure what or what colors?
  • What’s my style? I am on Pinterest all the time, but still can’t figure it out.
  • I love color but get confused by where to use it and what really goes with what I already have.
  • I’m about to start a remodel or build a new house and want an interior designer’s opinion, not just that of my contractor or builder.

 Sometimes we just need someone else’s eyes on the job.  My years of remodeling and designing many different types interiors and my knowledge of color, gives me a unique perspective to be a great resource.  I understand what is involved on those BIG and small jobs because I personally have been through them too.

Consultation Fees:

Initial Design Consultation  $200  (1.5 hours)

*ask me anything and set your mind at ease!  We start with a phone call so I can understand what kind of help you need and how to make the best use of our time together, then we’ll schedule an in-home visit.  Upon conclusion, you will receive a copy of  ‘DESIGN NOTES’ so you have a recap on what we discussed.  For many of you, this will get you in the right direction to forge ahead on your own!

OR we discover your project will require more full service interior design. We can discuss these options and how I may help you further.

Let’s find your style, your sense of home and then create it!

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One consultation with me will more than pay for the cost of a poor choice you may have to live with for a very long time.

What To Expect

Where and how best to prioritize your budget is important because most of us don’t have unlimited funds.  I can explain to you why making one purchase over another may make sense considering the look, style and longevity of what you want to achieve.

If you already have an idea and samples, maybe all you need is someone to review and advise so you have confidence to follow through.


No matter where you live, I can now deliver beautiful room designs to your INBOX….in an affordable and timely fashion.

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