It’s springtime and we are all happily (or not!) cleaning out closets, getting rid of the old, bringing in new and maybe taking a look at our homes with a critical eye.

The eyes that say, “man, this place needs a revamp!  It needs new life!” It is SPRING after-all, Easter came and went and now summer and all those pretty flowers will be coming up…… You’re inspired, in the mood and ready for change but your dark traditional furniture and accessories are not singing Happy Days Are Here Again.

(PS- I’d be pretty depressed if this was my livingroom too……..unless you are ready to smoke a cigar, but different strokes folks!)

Is that you? On a beautiful sunny spring day, feeling excited about making some fun changes? But your enthusiasm quickly dims because you don’t know where to start.

Most of us have to work around furniture we already have, which is not necessarily a bad thing! But if your furniture is dark or traditional and you want a lighter maybe more cottage-y look, there are ways to lighten up your style. If you have some great quality classic pieces to work with, you are luckier than most!

Here are a few tips and suggestions to get the creative juices flowing while you are still in the mood to make some changes.

Why not update a traditional dark bedframe with pretty bold linens and add  throw rugs, maybe some modern art to the space? You will notice in both of these bedrooms the walls are light which adds contrast to the darker colors and keeps the room from feeling drab.


If you have a traditional bedroom set with nightstands and matching dresser, perhaps put the nightstands in another bedroom to mix up the set. Many times too “matchy matchy” is just boring.  You can paint the nightstands or the dresser in a coordinated color to lighten the overall mood, and keep the bed as it is! You’ll save yourself money and your room will be original and look fantastic.

This would be a great starter piece if you are new to this type of thing



Many times we just need to edit what we have and there is no better time than spring.  Do you really need so much stuff?

Put things away that don’t have meaning, beauty and/or service to you.

Heavy draperies tend to drag down an already dark/brown room but in this case…….oh yes they do!  Let’s move on, shall we?

oooohhhh, love that coral!! 

Another painted chest to work with the wall color

These twin bed frames could be a new purchase or just a flea market find painted black; either way they look updated and the soft color scheme keeps it light and fresh.


This is a very traditional dining room in furnishings, but they really turned it up with the bold stripe draperies!  THIS IS NEW TRADITIONAL!  So don’t get hung up on the name “Traditional”, still pretty eh?  The seagrass rug brings the formality down a notch.

Take your head of the table chairs and reupholster them in a more modern fabric or something that just livens up the space like this room below (not to mention; wine and cheese plate, champagne…flowers– who doesn’t want to sit here?)

This might be stepping out a bit for some, but why not?  The dining room below might get used alot more because it is very appealing and looks like a fun place to hang out.  Maybe you have a sideboard or a hutch that just calling out for that bold color.

Switching out your pillows is a very inexpensive way to bring in SPRING!!  GO TO HOMEGOODS AND LET THE CART FILL’ETH UP!

bold color……..and fresh flowers of course!

DON’T FORGET THE OUTSIDE AND ESPECIALLY YOUR FRONT PORCH!!  There are so many fabulous outdoor fabrics now that it makes decorating a …….breeze.   We are using outdoor fabrics inside too!

This entry is simple yet so inviting, don’t you agree?  Take a second look at your own entry this spring and see if you can add just a little more zing.


You might even find that you love your traditional pieces even more than you thought you did once you embrace how really interesting the mix and match style can be!

START WITH ONE SMALLER IDEA, TRUST YOUR GUT AND FOLLOW THROUGH WITH IT.  You may find yourself loving your home even more! (and making a list of projects to keep you going until fall!)


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