I have been working through a kitchen/great room remodel for a couple who’s home didn’t weather Hurricane Irma with grace! Their aluminum roof rolled up and flew into the neighbors trees and it began raining INSIDE.  It’s been a long year for them as they were not only displaced for 8 months but the home needed to be brought down to the studs.  I was tasked with pulling the kitchen/open living area together; that meant materials, color, textures, hardware, lighting, etc. and many consultations regarding construction design and details.

Here’s a look at the kitchen BEFORE


You can see they had exposed beams left natural wood tone.  And a very large brick fireplace that separated the kitchen from the living space.

They decided this was the opportunity to open it up and create a light, bright more modern kitchen!


view from kitchen out to living area


OOOOHHHHH…..There was a bit of cleanup after that, not to mention the lovely view to the sky they hadn’t really planned on!

But this began the start of a new vision.  Everything would be new but the 24″ ceramic floor tile would remain. (my recommendation was to rip it out and replace with wood look tile or real wood floors.) Mixing ‘old’ and ‘new’ is a very tricky thing. In this case, I think it worked out well.

 This is a big color statement, even though many would say it’s just a neutral and goes with everything.  Yes, it’s a neutral with a definite undertone (maybe alittle hard to see in this photo); green/beige. So it is a floor that cannot be dismissed and overlooked.  It’s a large visual piece of the design puzzle and a key driver in many of the new material choices.

The design concept was to create a light, open, clean lined space with soft aqua/blue, green and white colors in a beachy coastal vibe (but not in the “cottage-y, shabby chic” style).

Their house is a Florida mid-century modern: clean lines, large rectangular windows, sloped ceiling….so we really needed to stay true to that simplicity of design.

Here’s a look at some of what I presented.

For paint, I chose Benjamin Moore Cloud White for all the trim because it was a nice match to the cabinets and then BM Feather down for all the walls.  The result will be a soft pretty backdrop for all their current furnishings, it will work well moving forward with new additions and look great with the existing floor tile.  The homeowners weren’t sure what furniture was staying or going so I had to keep that in mind.

The homeowners were really leaning towards granite countertops but to coordinate well with the floor it needed to be in a cream/brownish family.  They were really tired of living with so much brown and more ‘brown’ was not in our design concept.

I suggested white quartz for the countertops and island and a statement tile for the backsplash.  With so many light (in color) materials, I felt the space needed some interest and contrast so suggested a dark finish for hardware and light fixtures.  Months followed with installation of recessed lighting, new plumbing, insulation and drywall throughout the home as we narrowed down the choices.

That brick wall was between these posts.

I love checking in on these projects as they move through all the different phases of construction. Especially after drywall goes up and in this case, after the former ‘exposed rafters’ ceiling gets its new wood finish!  These homeowners won’t believe how much bigger and brigher this space will be.

We are very close to the end and I can’t wait to show you the finished product!!

YAY!!……I will be offering E-DESIGN very soon.   What is E-DESIGN you ask?  It is the ability to work with you on your projects from the comfort and convenience of your computer, no matter where you live.  I’ll be just ‘one click away’….

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