So we sell our beautiful home on a lake with an incredible view of the foothills in Ft. Collins, Colorado because we want to experience living in Manhattan. Exterior_2505_8x300Great_Betsy_2357_8x300DSCN0023DSCN0413imageDSCN0415

Family and friends had varying opinions….  “OH, I wish I could do that, I love NYC ” , I”m jealous and so happy for you” ……to “all that concrete, what the hell are you thinking?’ ….. to  “and leave your beautiful view, you’ve lost your mind”.    Crazy? hmmmm? I hope not.  Our boys are all out on their own, (none living in Colorado) and we were in a good place to make a change IF we could sell our house.   Scary in many ways to leave what you have known for 36 years for the unknown but we pursued the idea.   Dean’s business taking us there and family in New England, we had been to NYC many times and always dreamed of living the city life, sans kids! 

Opportunity knocked in the summer of 2010 but realtors told us our house wouldn’t sell for at least 3 years , you know, recession (talk about bursting a bubble) and we would inevitably lose money.  But that didn’t happen.  It sold quickly, so with contract and check in hand, I closed my shop, sold some furniture, downsized my clothes to a suitcase or two, said some teary farewells and packed the SUV (Dean did the hard work really!) for our road trip to the east coast.  We hoped to find jobs and stay a year if possible.  The playground called Manhattan comes with a steep pricegtag!

In the meantime, our family had come to Daytona Beach every summer for 25 years to visit my parents and my sister in Orlando. Eight years ago we finally bought a condo on the beach for investment and vacation fun. So, we still had the Florida condo as a backup if we really hated city living!  ALAS,

NYC WE LOVED YOU!!!  and stayed for 3 years.

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