But I hear this alot.

Can they be cold and boring? Yes, and there are some people perfectly happy with that Uber modern look.  But for most of us, they don’t have to be.  Let’s look a few and dispell that myth, shall we?

First let me suggest, white kitchens are definitely on trend right now it’s all we see, BUT maybe it’s because kitchens are very expensive and we want to get that longevity out of them, but honestly classic white kitchens have been around for a very long time and have stood the test of time.  I don’t see this changing. We modernize them and change them up a bit and they definitely don’t have to be cold and boring.

The photo above looks pretty inviting to me!!  Love that wood top island;  it is so welcoming and would make anyone gravitate over there to sit for hours.  And we all end up in the kitchen anyway, why not make that a major design feature? Well done!

This kitchen below could have been a bit stark but the interruption of white cabinets with that custom grey unit and the island with wood top really warms up this space.  The colorful greenery and other wood touches soften the feel here.


This kitchen above is pretty simple in style and design and somewhat contemporary (remember…..longevity!) but the wood floors and stools homey it up.  The addition of colorful wallpaper off in the hallway keeps it fun and fresh, but it’s also an easy low cost change to make down the road if you tire of that pattern.  The kitchen will serve these owners well for many, many years!

CLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE KITCHEN—not boring to me!  The patterned floor is very traditional and classic, will be around for a long, long time.  Would this kitchen work anywhere? Probably only in a fairly traditional or transitional style home because of the detailed cabinetry, hardware and furnishings.  But this look could surely be adapted to a more contemporary home.






I love the use of wallpaper here to add pattern to this white kitchen below but also adding wood frames and colorful accessories warms up and personalizes this space.

This  beautiful clean and modern kitchen below could have gone sterile and cold, but the use of wood front cabinetry, shelves and interesting vertical light fixtures bring the warmth, style and design.  Lighting is so important and so overlooked many times,  but they certainly got it right here!  (Personally, I would be afraid to cook in here and chances are it would never look this great again if it was in my house!) Maybe the owners are all about ‘take out’….

This last one is my kitchen, finished a year ago.  I do make lots of messes in it but why it works…..????  Classic and timeless style, wood accents, limited patterns but plenty of options down the road to introduce color and styling in so many fun and inexpensive ways.  I get bored after a few years and need to change things so for me personally, I like a truly simple white kitchen.  But I love the color introduced in the above photos too!

My first kitchen remodel 3o years ago(no pics, urgh) was white washed pine cabinets with white formica, white appliances, white sink, etc. (worked on a smaller budget!) and it looked GREAT for the 15 years I lived in the home. Today with an updated white quartz countertop it would still be a timeless and classic kitchen.





Kitchen remodels are so much fun these days; not only are white kitchens on trend but so are beautifully colored cabinets.

Coming up:  More on painted cabinet colors but I will also be exploring your solutions and options when you have decent oak cabinets, want an update but don’t necessarily want to paint them (or should I say, one half of the twosome doesn’t want to paint them……..just a small smirk insert here)  Yes, you can work with them and save your marriage!