OK, so it was 8 months ago!   Time flies when you’re having fun they say…..

Moving from Manhattan’s upper west side

Moving from our daytona beach condo

One of several U-Haul trips from NYC

MOVING?…. if you’ve done it, you know it really isn’t that much fun.  This was a big move for us mentally and physically, and I hope the last for many years to come.  After spending more than 2 years designing, building and watching this house come together,  we move in with excitement and also a bit of trepidation while asking the age old question?  Did we do the right thing??? After all, we bought the property planning to just FLIP it while we contemplated our next move and here we are moving into the FLIP and calling New Smyrna Beach….HOME!


June 2016!!

It has taken us some time to get through our consolidated collection of furniture and everything else that made its’ way to New Smryna Beach, Florida; all packed and moved by us, truthfull mostly my very dedicated hard working husband.   LIVING IN FLORIDA MEANS NO BASEMENTS, AND A GARAGE THAT TURNS THINGS MOLDY OR RUSTY……the good news, you really have to pare down your stuff.  ON TO THE DONATION CENTER IT WENT.  But much of it stayed as “place holders” for what would take months to replace. Deans goal?….get the cars in the garage.

And almost ready for cars

My new sofa arrived but that’s all I have for this great room; yes, looks a little lonely doesn’t it? Well it’s taken a few months to get the rest but it’s coming along!  MORE TO COME NEXT POST.

My colorado dining set in place.

I really love this dining set for several reasons;  it was purchased for our Colorado home (hence, the woodsy rustic look) and made the cross country trek to NYC and now Florida.  With the leaf it seats 10, the chairs are comfortable, and it’s a relatively versatile style design wise.  The sentimental me recalls great memories with family and friends laughing, eating and drinking wine around the table.  (And in some cases grabbing my wine and walking away when the boys used it for BEER PONG)

YOUR EYES ARE NOT DECEIVING YOU.  The city water does come in looking green.

I never panicked so quickly as I watched the pool filling up!  An immediate call to the city calmed my nerves as I was told “this is the color of the city water (very safe) but when they add the salt and chemicals to your pool rest assured it will be gorgeous”….so I watched and waited!!  And Dean took the first plunge…..in the green water!  Now this was a loooooonnnnggg time comin’.


THE BEAUTIFUL AQUA WATER I WAS EXPECTING TO SEE…..rainbow a nice addition!  YEP, it’s a saltwater pool.

LOTS OF TRIPS TO ORLANDO AND MANY SAMPLES to consider and decide on, but I want to sit by that pool, so progress isn’t at lightening speed.

I LOVE COLOR, STRIPES AND PATTERN……..as you can see it will take a alot of discipline to narrow it down!  My alter ego would be a fabric designer and my office would have hundreds of bolts of these gorgeous fabrics to touch and look at ever day.

This breakfast nook with its multi use function is where I start.  To the right is a built in desk work area.  We need cushions and a table if we are going to sit here, drink coffee and enjoy the boats passing by!

I fall in love with this fabric from ROMO and decide I am using it here and get to work making it happen.  This also becomes the color scheme for the main living; aqua, green and coral.

I think this round table will work well in the banquette and make it a little easier to get in and around it.  For now I am planning to keep my green wicker chairs from France.  I have dragged from them state to state; another one of those items I can’t part with just yet!  The glass table will be leaving soon I hope.

My old but super comfy chairs from Colorado were a keeper

With new fabric from Kravet, they get reupholstered and turn out great.  There are 2 of them.  Now we have something else to sit on besides a sofa!  I also bought 2 of these white slipcovered swivel chairs for use in the living room or maybe the master.  But I think they will stay here.

While some interior decisions are being made, most of our time and energy has been focused on the EXTERIOR OF THE HOUSE.

But first, Dean installed the stone for the outdoor fireplace.  He has done many jobs on this house mainly because he’s experienced, he’s super good at it and we can’t find anyone else to do it!  I think he’s ready to put in his notice.

Sometimes a quick sketch works good too!

THE FINISHED FIREPLACE.  We added the gas burner with aqua glass stones for color.  It does put out some heat, but we won’t need that for a while.

The Tiki Building houses a toilet room, tiki bar and the outdoor shower.

Outdoor shower is behind the white lattice fence; not quite completed.

Building out the tiki bar!!!  I chose cabinetry that can withstand all the elements.  They are all plastic marine grade that you can hose inside and out.  I spent time researching to see what might look better than what I was finding locally.  I really liked that these would replicate the look of the cypress paneling we did on the patio and tiki ceilings.  This brand pushed the budget but I thought it was the place to do it.

Dean had to prep for the cabinetry installation and needed to build the two walls and install the concrete post; mid July so alittle hot and sticky to say the least.

The cabinet material also comes as paneling, so I used that on the outside walls instead of doing the stucco like the rest of the building.  I figured it would hold up and look good all the time, a plus!

Just about done!  I chose a granite countertop similar in color and style to the stone pavers and added the beer taps.  Of course, we have FAT TIRE on one side and the other side changes from Corona to Stella and anywhere in between.

Arterios Custom Cabinetry in Orlando did the installation; very impressed and HAPPY!

Now we need a place to sit on the porch;   I find an ‘end of the summer’ sale….ya think in Florida they actually have those AND IN JULY  ??


BY THE WAY!  I am the type of designer that can find the overall style, look and feel I need to achieve on the lower end too. You don’t have to break the bank to find what works.

OLIVER A LITTLE SAD WHEN SOMEONE LEAVES, but he has a nice perch to say goodbye!

WE BOUGHT A BOAT….A BIG BOAT….last september.   It has been a dream of Dean’s to see the world by water, in much the same way building this house has been a dream for me.  WE ARE BOTH HAPPY and incredibly fortunate; that much we know for sure!

NEXT UP;  SOME FINISHED PROJECTS AND maybe even a completed room in the house.  OH BOY!

SAFE TRAVELS …..and thanks for stopping by!