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Delivering beautiful room designs to your inbox with a clickable shopping list NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE!   Are you ready to have the room you love with a design plan customized just for you?  It’s possible with E Design.

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Interior Paint Colors

As a certified true color expert, I’ve been trained to see and understand what colors will work in your home quickly.  I look at your fixed elements and find the undertones that truly dictate what and where to use the best colors for your specific room/home.  With my large samples I show you so you understand and when it makes sense, you can confidently implement a new paint plan on your own.

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Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing exterior paint colors can be intimidating! They need to work well together and with your roof material, brick, driveway, landscaping, surrounding neighbors all while keeping a sense of style that goes with the home too.

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Local Design Consulting

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed by the task of just where to start a design project, big or small, schedule an initial design consultation with me.  I work exclusively with you if you’re a DIY’er or if you are remodeling or building new I’ll work with you, your contractor or builder as well.

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The neutral and color paint selections in a home need to compliment each other along with their existing furnishings without creating too many different undertones. This is where many homeowners make mistakes.

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I approach design using the principles of timeless and classic for foundational elements because it is easy to work with long term and still allows you to customize, style and add your own personality.  This way you can love your home for many, many years!